medinadances (medinadances) wrote in folkloricdance,

New shopping site

working, working, working, no time to stop; this has been the entire week and finally my bod said, "no more!"

I have been taking pics, editing pics, downloading/uploading pics for the past week, I spent most of the day yesterday and all day today putting the items on:

Let's see how things go.  I have another 30+ pics to put up on this website.  It's been a bit tedious since I have a head cold and feel really crappy. 

On Friday, I posted on door of the boutique:

New Boutique Hours:
By Appointment Only

The boutique will open @ 10:30 every morning, but I will close at different hours during the week.  Unless, of course, other arrangements have been made.

Well, I guess I should take a nap now, throat hurts and I feel very tired.

later =D
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