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Mid Eastern Folkloric Dance and Music

MidEastern Folkloric Dance
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This community is for discussion of folkloric Middle Eastern and related dances and music! including Arab dances, Turkic dances, Roma/Gypsy dances, dances of Central Asia, North Africa, Iran, Andalusia and more.

Folkloric dance styles are regional and culture specific with costuming that matches that region and culture, and sometimes even time period. "Historical/Ethnic" dancers attempt to preserve a folk form by performing dance steps, music, and clothing that would have all been used together in a traditional village dance by a particular ethnic group.

All related discussion and questions are welcomed! Please place pictures behind an lj-cut and all commmunities promoted should be related to our topics. There is a realted Yahoo!Groups email list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/folkloricdance/
This list is for discussion, not for advertisement unless it is directly related to folkloric dance. Off-topic advertisements (modern stylee bellydance classes and events included) will be deleted and multiple posters of non-appropriate messages will be warned.

When you join, please make an introductory post and tell us a bit about yourself and related interests. :)

The maintainer of this community is Sa'ada who is rengal