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Introductory Post

I think I might have the least experience in Oriental dance out of a good number of the people here. I have only had one authentic experience when I was a child. My interest in the dance comes from my Palestinian heritage, which I'm wanting to know more about. I'm also working on a SCA persona from the region and am struggling with finding a period so any help from anyone else researching the same would be really helpful! I'm leaning towards Byzantine, but it looks like a late-period persona would be easier.

As a child, my cousins - then living in Jordan- roped me - literally!- into a dance session (by passing me the scarf). It was a wonderful experience. I've been trying to find out what dance it was. It was not a dabkeh. I'm hoping that someone here might be knowledgeable about Palestinian dance and have some clues for me. It was a singles dance, the dancer wears a scarf around the hips and tied at the side. The movement is mostly in the upraised arms, wrists, and one leg- from the hip. The music was provided by a small drum. I can only do it only intuitively, and so it is difficult to recall precise details.

I know that this is probably not NEARLY enough information to go on. ;) It might help to know that my family is originally from what is now a western suburb of Jerusalem.

Reading the previous posts has really sparked an interest in learning more about similar dance traditions.

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