Panda_Dancer (panda_dancer) wrote in folkloricdance,

call for dancers


The doors are wide open for anyone who would like to teach a folkloric dance class at
Gulf Wars Al-Mahala.

I'm making class schedules right now, and the December booklet
deadline is approaching faster than half-price Halloween candy at a
clearance sale.

Send me an e-mail to get on-schedule. Happy to take panelists for
Roundtable Discussions, as well as classes with multiple teachers; for
those feeling a little shy and who don't want to do a class by themselves.

Please let me know no later than Dec. 25 zhara8@... (zhara8
at ya hoo dot com)

Another word, regarding things of a residential nature:

Al Mahala has a few camping spaces still available. This might be of
special interest to those who'd like to camp within very close
proximity to the Battle Field. I've even heard tell of a shortcut
through the woods that takes you from Al Mahala's front gate to the
side of the Fort in mere seconds. Contact Mistress Edwina,
sue@... (sue at readitagainbooks dot net) for
camping inquiries.

Finally, I'll wrap it up by saying - Come teach something at Gulf
Wars! We'd love to have you!

Humbly and In Service
Zhara um Nikko
A & S director, Al Mahala
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