Princess of All Things Dainty and Flowery (rivierajenn) wrote in folkloricdance,
Princess of All Things Dainty and Flowery

Introduction and question

Hi there!

My name is Jenn and I'm an American cabaret belly dance teacher and performer in Georgia. I've had instruction in Persian, Turkish gypsy and classical Egyptian cabaret dance as well. Thanks to my graduate program I have the opportunity to study in Tunisia next summer. While my official studies there will be unrelated to dance, I'm hoping to learn more about both the folkloric and belly dance scenes in Tunisia and if at all possible see a show and/or take a lesson. I'll be based in Sfax but will be traveling to Tunis and other cities as well.

Does anyone know of resources (books, articles, DVDs, personal experience, etc.) regarding Tunisian dance? Have any of you visited Tunisia?

Thanks for your help!
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