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upcoming ENSEMBLE Drumming for Belly Dance course in Minneapolis, MN

Would you, or a friend, like to learn to drum for belly dancers?
This course focuses on drumming basics, and working with a group.
Course name: Ensemble Drumming for Belly Dance (at Pratt)

Students will learn the basics of drumming for belly dancers and drumming as part of a group. In this introductory class we will cover basic Arabic drumming, common Middle Eastern rhythms, and common types of drums used. A practice CD will be provided. Bring your own drum, if you have one. Students may record the class. Taught by Charlie Obert and Cynthia Kissee, who perform with the dance group, Totally Northern Tribal and their music group, Felahi.

8 Tuesdays, 10/3-11/21 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM $44.00

For further information, or to register, you can go to this url:

Or, you can contact Betsy Schiller at Pratt, tel. 612-668-1122 (Note: Do not use the email to Nuala Kernan on the contact page - she is not currently at Pratt.)

You are also welcome to email Charlie Obert at

I'm sorry if you are seeing crossposting, but this is such a cool opportunity, I wanted to get the word out. Please pass it on!
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