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Just so you know.

Hopefully this doesn't get posted too much, if so my apologies. Anyhow, there's is a problem with a particular male who is hanging out on the bellydance scene in the SF area. His name is Brian, and he presents himself as a gentleman who has no 'harmful' intentions. However, it is becoming clear to the dancing community on tribe that he is stalking a number of dancers, telephoning them constantly, making inappropriate remarks and even apparently a sexual advance this last week. He sometimes poses as a photographer (which doesn't sit well with those genetlemen), though that recently has been replaced with him posing as a drummer (which is pissing off the drummers in our community). Please please make sure you are safe if you see this man around.

Here is a link to his tribe so you can see what he looks like.


To my knowledge he isn't here on LJ, but he does have a myspace account, and has been seen on Bhuz.com and YouTube.

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